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Snow Quartz Tumble

Snow Quartz Tumble

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Wear or keep snow quartz in your space to help dispel negative thoughts and emotions.  Fabulous stone to use in meditation as it balances the yin and yang energies.

Snow Quartz activates the crown chakra connecting you to your spirit guides, allowing one to gain a higer more positive perspective.  Snow quartz holds a program for a long time when you set your intentions into it. 

The gentle feminine energy that snow quartz oozes brings with it loving patient healing, helping one heal from old traumas, especially good for feminine and hormonal issues.

Supports one through financial goals and dreams bringing luck.  This stone connects you to your higher self, increasing intuition and clarity.

Shifts ones perspective offering discernment and support in relationships.

This stone offers courage and healing when facing deep emotional issues.

Affirmation: i choose to find moments of stillness to find clarity

Weight approx. 8-12g

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