Balloon Aftercare

Please be careful with your balloons when you collect them as by their nature they are very fragile and should be treated with respect.

We will always offer you a bag to transport your balloons from the shop to your chosen venue. If a bag is refused we will always recommend you hold your balloon from the balloon itself and not the ribbon as the wind can pull your balloon off from its ribbon. Unfortunately once the balloons leave our premises we cannot be held responsible for them. If you decide to take your balloon out of the bag outside and in the elements and your balloon is pulled off the ribbon there is nothing we can do. All of these risks are out of our control and therefore we would not be able to offer a refund or replacement unless you reorder and pay again for your balloons.

It's advisable to not leave your balloons in a car for long periods of time due to them being sensitive to temperature, see below.

Helium balloons are sensitive to extreme temperatures. We recommend that you keep your balloons at room temperature.

In the summer when temperatures are hot they expand, so we recommend that you do not leave your balloons in sunlight for extended periods of time as they can burst if they get too hot.

In the winter when it's cold they contract and will shrink when outside the shop, but rest assured they will return to their blown up shape once inside, unless the temperatures are too low then they may not if they are outside for too long like overnight for example.

You can leave your balloons in their bags as long as they are not left near a heater/in sunlight or anything that is extreme in temperature.

The more you handle your balloons the shorter their float time will be.

Foil Heart & Star Balloons -
We recommend collecting a day or two before you need them. They float for around 7-10 days but sometimes last longer.

11/12" Latex Balloons - We recommend collecting latex a couple of hours before you need them. They float for around 12 hours

Orbs & Bubble Balloons - We recommend collecting a day or two before you need them. These have a longer float time and can last for two weeks or longer.