Refunds & Returns

We cannot issue refunds or exchange items if you change your mind. We can only offer a refund if an item arrives damaged. We would need photographic evidence of the item and it's packaging before you post your item back to us. Please contact us via email so that we can let you know if you are eligible for a refund. Please do not send items back until you have this confirmation.

We do NOT offer an exchange or returns on personalised items. Please ensure that you check and double check your messages on each item you buy from us as we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes. If however we have made a mistake with your order we will offer a full refund/exchange.

We do our best to avoid balloons being faulty, we ensure that your order is created in advance so that we are able to swap out any faulty items before your order is collected. On the rare occasion that your balloon is faulty we ask that your bring your balloon/s back to the shop as soon as you can - normally within 24 hours making sure you go to the shop that you purchased from. If the fault with your balloon is with us we will offer an exchange and re do your order. But if you have burst your balloon we cannot be held responsible for the cost of the your products.

Please note that we will NOT accept a photograph in place of the items being returned. Just like any other shop we need you to return your products so that we are able to see what happened to your order and so that we can contact our supplier about the faulty item.