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Rose Quartz Heart - B

Rose Quartz Heart - B

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Known as the ‘Stone of Love’ Rose Quartz carries peace, compassion and love on all levels. A stone of unconditional love that opens your heart chakra, inspires you to love and accept yourself more.

It can be used to draw new romantic love relationships to you and can also be used to heal existing relationships and strengthen bonds.  It is particularly good at helping to bond family and is a great crystal through pregnancy as well as helping with fertility.

Rose Quartz works well at releasing trapped trauma especially childhood trauma and negativity giving its owner a loving energetic embrace. Rose Quartz links your heart with mother Gaia.

A huge support through times of grief especially for those that have lost their mother. Everyone needs rose Quartz in their life. It’s calm energy allows one to focus on the best parts of themselves. It inspires one to grow as a soul offering support in building self doubt, releasing anger and cleansing the heart. Offers much compassion in life’s journey and guides you to believe in your inner guidance. 

 Affirmation: I love and accept myself completely

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