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Petrified Wood Obelisk

Petrified Wood Obelisk

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Petrified Wood is a type of fossilised wood, it is million of years old, preserved for the longest time.  It is thought to symbolise time and transformation.  It connects us to all that is, symbolising strength and resilience having stood the test of time.  Helps one see that whatever life throws your way you can always thrive.  A great stone for grounding, helping one stay in alignment and connecting us to the earth.  A soothing stone, petrified wood has a calm energy dissolving fears pulling us back into reality. Inspires one to get into the natural flow of ones life helping one focus on strengths and abilities.  Supportive throughout times of change helping one see that small steps lead to transformation.  It can help to stabilise ones health, stimulate ones metabolism and sooth the nerves. 

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