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Malachite Crystal Sphere

Malachite Crystal Sphere

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A powerful stone, Malachite is known as the mirror of the soul. It is a stone that supports transformation and prioritises healing to any part of your life that calls it - especially your relationships. Reflecting back what it is shown positive or negative, connecting you to yourself.

Malachite is a great support through times of change stimulating clear thinking encouraging you to rise not fall through hard times. Helps you heal emotionally and physically cleansing you of toxicity and weaknesses, guarding your heart against impurities.

It enhances the positive life force in your body and protecting your aura. Malachite helps you to see the beauty in the world encouraging you to utilise everything around you bringing more peace and happiness into your life. It’s ability to see into your life and prevent negative situations from transpiring makes it’s highly effective at protecting you and keeping you safe from accidents, giving you heightened intuition and sharper senses.

A grounding stone malachite encourages the confidence to follow any hunches. Giving you clarity of mind to know you are on the right path and the courage and determination to conquer anything in your life.

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