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Labradorite Heart - C

Labradorite Heart - C

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Transformation - Protection - Connection

Labradorite is a powerfully protective stone that deflects negativity creating a shield around the aura strengthening energies from inside it.  Connecting you with the universe, it raises consciousness.

Labradorite is a transformative mystical stone that can awaken your intuition, self discovery, psychic abilities and helps you to communicate with your guides.  It strengthens your faith in the universe and trust within the self.

 Banishing fears, labradorite helps you birth new ideas and can remove projections from other people.  It brings joy back into your life.  Supporting you during times of change, instilling perseverance and strength.

Labradorite can help at reducing stress, anxiety and at calming an overactive mind.  Gives
relief to menstrual tension, lowers blood pressure, supports colds and balances hormones.

Affirmation: I make positive changes in my life

Weight - 70g

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