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Dalmation Jasper Tumble

Dalmation Jasper Tumble

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  • Place under your pillow
  • Keep in your wallet/pocket
  • Pair with Quartz or Black Obsidian
Dalmation Jasper inspires open expression connecting one to their inner child.  It facilitates in releasing emotional hurt and anger.  This stone is great at helping to balance ones finances.  

A grounding stone that helps you conquer anything in life.  Helps to transform ideas into reality, stimulating imagination and inspires positive views on life.  A stone that absorbs negativity and low vibrations from people and spaces around you.  Good to help with sleep disorders and can prevent nightmares.

Affirmation: The child in me is free


Please note - Our tumbles are of a high quality, but they are natural stones and therefore do vary slightly from the photo.  We will use our intuition to choose a crystal tumble for you.  Our photos show a selection of what you can expect with regards to colour, size and quality.  

For every different crystal purchased from our website a meaning/property card will be included.

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