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Red Hematoid Quartz - Heart - A

Red Hematoid Quartz - Heart - A

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This is a powerful crystal used for healing on all levels and can be made into an elixir for healing of illnesses and wounds.  Red Hematoid Quartz also known as Fire Quartz balances all of the chakras and aligns the root and crown chakra.  
Red Hematoid Quartz is a powerfully defensive crystal that can be used to heal from psychic attacks.  Transmuting negativity into light energy, this stone can stabilise mood swings, it holds a powerful calming effect that can remove tension from the body.

This type of quartz protects the aura while balancing Yin and Yang energies.  A grounding stone that gives one the courage, power and inner strength to overcome ones fears.  Clearing self doubt, guilt, anger and fear while making decisions.  Inspiring original thinking this stone can boost your focus and concentration,

This gemstone can be very powerful at relieving stress and anxiety especially when the stress is chronic.  It is useful when treating depression, PTSD and headaches.

Affirmation: I make decisions consciously and for my highest good

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