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Clear Quartz Tumble

Clear Quartz Tumble

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The most powerful healing crystal and amplifier, known as the master healer clear quartz strengthens natural healing abilities of anything near.  This gemstone cleanses the senses and clears the mind, body and spirit of clutter.  Wear or Carry to help with finding clarity of the mind.

The energy of this crystal opens the heart to higher guidance, attracting in positivity.  It allows one to align with their highest self and potential.  It will supercharge ones intentions and makes it a great stone to use for manifesting.

Clear Quartz brings the body into balance, harmonising all the chakras.  It stimulates the immune system and shields one from negativity as well as charging other crystals.

Affirmation: I listen to my inner voice, the universe guides me.

Weight approx.
Small 5-7g
Medium 10-14g

Please note - Our tumbles are of a high quality, but they are natural stones and therefore do vary slightly from the photo.  We will use our intuition to choose a crystal tumble for you.  Our photos show a selection of what you can expect with regards to colour, size and quality.  

For every different crystal purchased from our website a meaning/property card will be included.

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