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Citrine Tumble (heat treated)

Citrine Tumble (heat treated)

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Place in the wealth corner of your home and place in your wallet/purse, till or cash box to help manifest more abundance into your life. 

Citrine is a self cleaning crystal that cleanses and regenerates. It protects the environment, absorbs and transmutes negative energy.  Citrine cleanses the chakras and protects the aura. This crystal opens up intuition and activates the crown chakra. A stone of abundance, teaching one how to manifest.  It attracts long lasting wealth, success and prosperity.  

Citrine raises self esteem and confidence, encouraging self expression.  This stone if full of joy and happiness helping one overcome depression.

Affirmation: Abundance comes to me easily, I believe in myself.


Please note - Our tumbles are of a high quality, but they are natural stones and therefore do vary slightly from the photo.  We will use our intuition to choose a crystal tumble for you.  Our photos show a selection of what you can expect with regards to colour, size and quality.  

For every different crystal purchased from our website a meaning/property card will be included.

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