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Black Tourmaline Tumble

Black Tourmaline Tumble

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Black Tourmaline is a talisman of protection deflecting negative energy, entities and creates a psychic shield around the body.  It purifies and neutralises negative thoughts and internal conflicts.  This stone is a grounding stone that connects one to the earth and base chakras.

Black Tourmaline promotes self confidence and personal power, encouraging a personal attitude no matter what's happening in ones life. It stimulates creativity practically and helps relieve stress.  This stone is great at helping to strengthen the immune system and helps with dyslexia 

Affirmation: I am protected on all levels of my being.


Please note - Our tumbles are of a high quality, but they are natural stones and therefore do vary slightly from the photo.  We will use our intuition to choose a crystal tumble for you.  Our photos show a selection of what you can expect with regards to colour, size and quality.  

For every different crystal purchased from our website a meaning/property card will be included.

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