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Black Onyx Tumble

Black Onyx Tumble

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Black Onyx helps one stay grounded, protected and focused.  It is supportive during overcoming additions or releasing old habits.  I shields ones aura from negatve energy and energy vampires.  Black Onyx supports one through difficult times and boosts self confidence.  Call on Onyx after any situation that depletes ones resources.

Black Onyx will help keep your instincts sharp and it stimulates ones intuition.  Can be used to access the Akashic Records and past life regression.  It strengthens the immune system making it great for helath especially the bones and tinitius, it sharpens hearing, builds up vitality, stamina and focus.

Affirmation: I am a shield against negative energy.


Please note - Our tumbles are of a high quality, but they are natural stones and therefore do vary slightly from the photo.  We will use our intuition to choose a crystal tumble for you.  Our photos show a selection of what you can expect with regards to colour, size and quality.  

For every different crystal purchased from our website a meaning/property card will be included.

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