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Amethyst Chip Bead Bracelet

Amethyst Chip Bead Bracelet

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Amethyst offers so much support on so many levels. It has a beautiful energy offering peace and heightens ones intuition. A stone that gives spiritual guidance supporting us in our divine connections. Bringing focus to the mind and peace to the heart, very effective at relieving stress and calming anxiety. Uniting the mind body and spirit, Amethyst is a crystal that soothes the soul. Perfect for using while meditating as it grounds you to the physical but also opens you up to spiritual energies. Stimulates the third eye and the crown chakras. A powerful and protective stone that opens up your intuition and enhances your psychic abilities. One of the most powerful crystals for balancing your emotions and supports you when dealing with painful experiences and grieving. Place by your bed to help with insomnia. Amethyst helps the body fight disease and boost the immune system, relieves stress and stimulates new ideas. Wearing an amethyst pendant can bring peace and balance to your life while cleansing your aura.

Affirmation: I am loved deeply by the universe

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