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Amazonite Heart - A

Amazonite Heart - A

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Amazonite is a stone of courage and truth, empowering self discovery.  It a
llows one the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings opening up the throat chakra allowing one to live in their truth.  Attracting new customers to ones business it makes it a great stone to have as an amulet of prosperity, success, abundance and manifestation. It inspires one to be bold and brave in the pursuit of their dreams

Amazonite is a powerful healer balancing the masculine, feminine, Yin and Yang energies. A soothing stone that calms the brain and nervous system. It also helps heal sinus, throat and lung issues as well as soothing all the chakras, rejuvenating the heart and throat chakras.  It also works with your metabolism to promote deep sleep

Amazonite unleashes creativity helping one enhance their passions in artistic projects. Soothes emotional trauma, clearing fear and worry.   This stone assists in manifesting universal love.  

Affirmation: In this present moment all of my needs are met.

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