Full Wolf Moon Thursday 25th January 2024

Full Wolf Moon Thursday 25th January 2024

Setting your intention with Moon water on a full moon

  • Fill a glass or suitable sized vessel with water.
  • Write your intention for the water on a piece of paper
  • Place or stick the intention to sit underneath your container.
  • Directly invite and ask these energies to enter into the water.
  • Add crystals such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz to the water to infuse their energy. (Not all crystals can be placed in water! I will do a post about this soon)
  • Place your cup/vessel in direct moonlight this can either be outside of on a window ledge.
  • Place any crystals you would like to charge/cleanse beside the container of water also in direct moonlight
  • Leave overnight.
  • In the morning your moon water will be ready to use.

What can moon water be used for?

A few ideas for you could be

  • to water a plant
  • You could set an intention to clear a stubborn cold/virus in your body and drink the moon water the following day/s.
  • Or you could use the moon water to make an aura spray/healing elixirs to use everyday during the month leading up to the next full moon when you could create your new one with new intentions and new crystals (I will do a post on aura sprays/healing elixirs soon)

Time of the full moon ~  5.54pm GMT

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