Agua De Florida - How To Use Florida Water

Agua De Florida - How To Use Florida Water

Agua De Florida from Peru - original formula since 1808 - also known as Shaman’s Cleanse.  Used high in the Andean mountains of Peru by the Q’ero and medicine people, Shamans and the Reiki community.  Ethically sourced, paraben free and cruelty free.  The bottle is made from recycled plastic.

With a light floral citrusy scent, Agua De Florida is a cleansing, purifying solution that raises the energy when used.  It has a calming influence and cleanses deeply on all levels of the mind body and soul, untying energetic cords.  Agua De Florida clears heaviness from the body’s energy field, purifies spiritually creating emotional balance and protection.

Agua De Florida can be used in cleansing rituals, you can clear your space before a meditation, use it to enhance energy healing, but the most common use would be Aura Cleansing, perfum or vibrational room spray.  The least common use would be as an Insect Repellent or disinfectant - added to floor cleaner or surface spray.


How To Use Florida Water

There are many uses for Agua De Florida, it can be used on the body as a perfume or cologne as an aura cleanse or to bring harmony into your home or space. It can even be used as an insect repellant or added to the bath or added to your floor cleaner. 

Used in ceremonial rituals this magical fragrance is like nothing else when it comes to cleansing and releasing negative energy promoting well being, uplifting energy and positive emotions, it’s like sunshine in a bottle.

To cleanse your aura:
I was taught by a shaman to put some on my hands and then clap a few times, inhale the scent and then trace around your body’s auric field. 

To cleanse your home/physical space: you can decant into a spray bottle and spray or you can dip a feather or your fingers in some of the water and shake into the corners into the corners of the room.

Bottle Size: 270ml

Ingredients include:  Citrus & floral undertones of Bergamot, Neroli, Lavender, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Rose & Orange flower, Alcohol

Please Note:  Agua De Florida can cause skin sensitivity. Please skin test before use. If in doubt do not use directly onto the skin. Not advised to ingest. Fabrics can be affected if directly sprayed.  Florida Water is flammable so do not use it near an open flame

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